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BlogStudent Spotlight: Chiaki on Falling in Love with Montreal

Student Spotlight: Chiaki on Falling in Love with Montreal

Written by E-QIP on November 1, 2018

We’re sure it comes as no surprise to you that we think joining the E-QIP family is a brilliant decision. There is, however, one secret drawback that we’ll let you in on: when you come to E-QIP to learn from abroad, you may find yourself never wanting to leave.


That’s what happened to Chiaki, a student from Japan who joined E-QIP this past summer. She came to Canada with dreams of improving her English to realize her goal of becoming an English teacher to children back home, but her plans have changed a bit since then.

Chiaki’s revelation came when she was volunteering at a kindergarten in Victoria. Having previously worked at one in Japan, she was intrigued by the differences in the education style.


“I like to spend time with children because they have amazing minds,” Chiaki said, which is what drew her to working with kindergarteners in the first place. “In my country, you have a timetable, we have to do many things, but when I went to kindergarten in Victoria they are more free, open. Now I want to learn how to teach in English in Canada.

Before she was lighting up the hallways of E-QIP, Chiaki studied English at a much larger school.


“When I was living in Victoria, my school was huge. Fifteen students and one teacher. I felt like I wanted to study more privately and at home,” Chiaki said.

The activities on offer—like local day trips, social events and neighbourhood tours—also drew Chiaki to E-QIP, and ultimately played a role in her falling in love with the city.

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“In Victoria, my school didn’t have activities. I really, really love E-QIP because I really enjoyed the activities. I went so many places,” she said.


“I really like to go to secondhand clothes shops in Montreal. It’s very cool for me. Everything is cool for me in Montreal. The buildings. I really like the wall art in Montreal. I can’t see that in Japan.”

Chiaki’s next plan is to pursue a Canadian working holiday visa so that she can return to her new home away from home. She’d also like to study education here in Montreal—and, while she’s at it, maybe pick up a little French as well.

I want to come back to Montreal. I went to many places, for example, Vancouver, Ottawa… but I really like Montreal.”


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