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Our innovative approach to online classes brings some much-needed humanity back to digital learning. Online learning brings all of the benefits and human connection of our in-person programs directly to your doorstep, wherever in the world that may be.
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This 3 phase cycle is applied continuously to your language learning:

P1: Production

Instructors use a range of techniques to draw and facilitate production from learners.  Linguistic raw data, taken from actual speech, is carefully recorded in their Student Learning File.

P2: Insight

The collected information is reviewed and assessed by our Academic Team - Instructors, Academic Liaison & Academic Coordinator - in order to assure that each learner is progressing at an optimal pace.

P3: Elevation

Each student's Learning Plan is then adjusted as needed, taking the Academic Team's analysis into account. Learners are made aware of their biggest challenges and advised on how to take their speaking skills up to the next level.

Kaizen Connect® is an agile learning system developed and used by E-QIP for more than a decade. This framework is designed exclusively for learning a new language, with one central purpose: to help you learn faster.

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Advance your career;  balance work and online learning.

Gain a broader global perspective with fellow language learners around the world.

Don't take our word for it

What our students say
I am really impressed by the quality of the classes.  Now I am able to understand, read and speak another language because of you all!!!
Milli (Montreal)
E-QIP made me experience a new way of learning that was actually very motivating and efficient.
Selim (Tunisia)
After 2 weeks, I am able to communicate in french with a confidence that I’ve never had.
Gabriela Nunes, 5 stars (Google Reviews)
If you wish to stop being afraid of speaking, you should choose E-QIP.
Iuliana Covaci (Romania) 5/5 (Facebook Reviews)
After several weeks at E-QIP, I was able to do an entire job interview in French. This first victory gave me the confidence to speak French much more often.
Dylan Henry (USA) 4/5 (Facebook Reviews)
French made easy! Small group class, individual attention and above all monitoring individual progress and pointing out places for improvement.
George Ekow-Daniels (Ghana) 4.5/5 (Facebook Reviews)
I could see my own "shyness" about speaking gradually fade.
Charles Zapf (USA) 5 stars (Google Reviews)
I went there with absolutely zero confidence in my French and after four weeks I feel like I've finally got a handle on this language.
Michael Cumes, 5 stars (Google Reviews)

Comprehensive Support

Let our expert language instructors, administrators and support staff members take care of all of the details so that you can focus on learning.

Online Placements

Our convenient online placement system measures your language performance across a range of components, including speaking, listening, grammar and fluency. This ensures that your journey begins on the right track and lays a strong foundation for growth.
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Humanistic Curriculum

Learning a language is more than just an academic pursuit; language touches all aspects of our lives, and as such, we recognize the importance of providing an experience that’s focused on growing, rather than merely reaching benchmarks. Our humanistic approach to learning allows you to truly connect with your target language and learn it more deeply.
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Instructor Training

Instructors assume many roles in a learner’s journey—from trainer and coach to cheerleader and mentor. The growth and success of our teachers is just as important to us as our students; we nurture them so that they can nurture you and your language development.
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Gifted Instructors

Instructors who foster a supportive, inspiring learning environment are equally as important as the content of the lessons themselves. We exclusively seek instructors who are positive, respectful and open-minded so that you feel welcome and are comfortable enough to let yourself share and grow alongside them.
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Student Files

Our learning file system allows teachers to collaborate with each other (and with you!) on your learning by tracking and recording your progress in detail during and after every class. This guarantees that you always receive a class that is tailored to your abilities and can therefore experience constant improvement.
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Progress Reports

Regular progress reports provide a detailed snapshot of where you are in the learning process, the particular challenges that you’re facing and the next steps that you can take in pursuit of your goals.
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Academic Counseling

Moving forward often involves receiving deeper insight into your progress and the opportunities ahead. One-on-one sessions with a member of our academic team will help you feel confident about your journey and the places it can take you.
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Academic Team

Members of our academic team will keep a watchful eye on your entire journey at E-QIP. This team includes an academic coordinator who ensures the quality of all of our programs, a teacher coach who guides and supports our instructors and a student liaison who will monitor your development.
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