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BlogHoliday Traditions from Our Family to Yours

Holiday Traditions from Our Family to Yours

Written by E-QIP on December 8, 2016

E-QIP Students of English

E-QIP Korean students of English were very curious to learn about North American holiday traditions. They interviewed several employees along Monkland Avenue to find out what Canadians do during the holidays.

What is your favourite holiday tradition?

"I make melomakarona during the holiday season. I come from Greece so I enjoy Greek Christmas honey cookies. This is one of the most popular cookies in Greece." (Popi, Olive & Citron co-owner)


Traditional melomakarona (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

"My family comes from Italy. So, I love pasta. My grandmother and mother prepare food for the whole family and then we share it together. We are usually around 25 people!" (Vanessa, DavidsTea employee)

"I'm from Morocco. I am Muslim so I don't celebrate Christmas. My favourite holiday is Ramadan (the most blessed duration of the ninth month in the lunar calendar). We fast during the day and in the evenings we eat tagines and couscous." (Ismael, DavidsTea employee)

Image result for tagines

Tagines (Photo credit: Moroccan Chef)

"I come from Germany. I am Christian so we celebrate Advent. I love to drink hot mulled wine (called gluewein in German), pretzels, dumplings, and Spatzle (a type of egg noodle). It is very popular in the south of Germany where I grew up." (Lisa, Juicy Lotus Café employee)

Warming Mulled Wine

Hot mulled wine (Photo credit: Recipes Hubs)

"My favourite holiday tradition is doing nothing! Absolutely nothing! I love it."  (Nicola, Spice Station employee)

"I am not religious, but my favourite holiday tradition is decorating the Christmas tree with lights and ornaments." (Emmanuelle, Ten Thousand Villages manager)

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E-QIP staff and teachers also chimed in with their favourite holiday traditions:

"I love being with my family on December 24th (Christmas Eve); just being with my family is all I need." (Simon, French teacher)

"I'm from Australia so there's no snow at Christmas time. Instead, we enjoy a game of cricket with the family!" (Alison, English Teacher)


A cricket game (Photo credit: Life Quotes)

"Definitely putting up the Christmas tree. That's my favourite tradition." (Lyle, English Teacher)

"Opening up the presents at midnight surrounded by my family!" (Precilla, Graphic Designer)

Thank you to everyone who took the time to be a part of this blog entry.


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