BlogDiscovering Montreal: Chinatown

Discovering Montreal: Chinatown

Written by E-QIP on July 16, 2018


Your go-to spot for Chinese bakeries and bubble tea, Montreal's Chinatown plays host to everything from restaurants and specialty grocery stores to conference centres and medicine shops. Here you'll find countless tempting options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (with opportunities for plenty of snacks in between). A gathering place for ceremonies and festivals, Chinatown is transformed during Chinese New Year, when the streets are filled with colourful lanterns.


One of the best parts of learning a new language is discovering the culture. An essential part of Canadian culture are the many peoples and communities that shape who we are. Visiting Chinatown is not only a fun place to visit, but an opportunity to learn about one of the many patches in the Canadian cultural quilt.

We love being able to show E-QIP students all the different sides of Montreal, and Chinatown can't be missed. Established at the end of the 19th century, Montreal's Chinatown in Ville-Marie is one of the oldest Asian communities in North America. The first Chinese immigrants came to Montreal through California and British Columbia where they where many were working in the gold mines. Facing discrimination and under difficult work conditions, many headed to Eastern Canada where they settled in Toronto and Montreal. 

After a relatively small start consisting of 30 people, over the last century Chinatown has developed into a centre of commerce and culture. It is also heavily influenced by immigrants from Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. Be sure to check out the shops, restaurants, and architecture around the area!

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