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Proactively Prepare
for Bill 96

Bill 96 aims "to affirm that the only official language of Québec is French."

To that end, it drastically amends the province's Charter of the French language (the "Charter") by significantly restricting the use of English and imposing burdensome obligations regarding the use of French in numerous activity sectors.

As a result, most businesses operating in Québec will likely have to adjust their practices in order to ensure compliance.

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We can help guide you through Bill 96 compliance.

Fluency-Focused Curriculum
Quarterly Progress Reports
Custom Scheduling
45 Min. Learning Blocks

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French Fluency in 3~6 Months?

Non-French Speaking Employees

Do all your employees speak Quebec's official language? Can your team operate efficiently in French? What's your plan for Bill 96 compliance? As inconvenient, stressful, and annoying implementing compliance to Bill 96 may be, its not too late to get your team ready. We are here to support you through Bill 96 compliance.  

Unlock Accelerated Language Learning

With each team member able to communicate in French your team can work smoothly. Less miscommunication means less confusion, more interaction and more collaboration to focus clearly on your organization's goals and mission. Remove stress about Bill 96 compliance and create a cohesive team within your company's culture.

Learn Faster With Kaizen Connect®

This 3 phase cycle is applied continuously to your language learning:

P1: Production

Instructors use a range of techniques to draw and facilitate production from learners.  Linguistic raw data, taken from actual speech, is carefully recorded in their Student Learning File.

P2: Insight

The collected information is reviewed and assessed by our Academic Team - Instructors, Academic Liaison & Academic Coordinator - in order to assure that each learner is progressing at an optimal pace.

P3: Elevation

Each student's Learning Plan is then adjusted as needed, taking the Academic Team's analysis into account. Learners are made aware of their biggest challenges and advised on how to take their speaking skills up to the next level.

Kaizen Connect® is an agile learning system developed and used by E-QIP for more than a decade. This framework is designed exclusively for learning a new language, with one central purpose: to help you learn faster.

How do we get your employees to fluency?


Our Kaizen ConnectTM approach uses flexible frameworks to steadily move all students forward. Based either on our in-house designed curriculum, or a learning path tailored to your needs, we encourage production, intelligently correct, and consolidate gains. This builds a cycle of fluency and confidence-building for our students.


We provide in-house trained instructors, who are supported by a proper Academic team. Most schools subcontract their teachers, and classes ride on the personality of that one… maybe good… teacher. We individually select, onboard, and develop our own roster of teaching talent to deliver high quality lessons consistently.


We set the stage for learning. Students need to be in the right zone mentally to be open and grow. And, if you provide just the right environment, you can help students enter into a flow state. This is fertile ground for language growth. We are experts at creating these optimal learning conditions.


We thoroughly understand the journey the learner is on. If you want to teach someone effectively, you have to know where they are at, and how they are feeling. Students' expectations and motivations evolve. Their emotions and confidence come in waves. We listen, support, guide, and move students forward.


We have been at the forefront of progressive language teaching since our doors opened in 2010. For more insight, read about our roots in a spotlight chapter of The Age of Thrivability: Vital Perspectives and Practices for a Better World by Michelle Holliday <>

Lesson Structure




You are encouraged - and given the space - to speak as much as possible. In these student-centered lessons, instructors listen actively, then offer feedback on improving natural expression and flow. Talking spontaneously and smoothly are the goals. Now you're speaking easily!



You build your linguistic toolbox and sharpen your speech. In these teacher-driven lessons, you are presented with, review, and practice elements of language from form to usage. Instructors increase awareness of your challenges and help you eliminate them. Now you're speaking clearly!



You focus on functions and scenarios to master increasingly complex competencies. In these interaction-focused lessons, instructors host and facilitate conversation, introduce communicative strategies, and offer practical feedback. Now you're speaking confidently!



You activate your language in various real life situations. In these open-based lessons, instructors go from coaches to mentors, guiding you out of the classroom to actually apply what you have learned. Operating autonomously is the goal. Now you're speaking freely!

Comprehensive Support

Let our expert language instructors, administrators and support staff members take care of all of the details so that you can focus on learning.

Online Placements

Our convenient online placement system measures your language performance across a range of components, including speaking, listening, grammar and fluency. This ensures that your journey begins on the right track and lays a strong foundation for growth.

Humanistic Curriculum

Learning a language is more than just an academic pursuit; language touches all aspects of our lives, and as such, we recognize the importance of providing an experience that’s focused on growing, rather than merely reaching benchmarks. Our humanistic approach to learning allows you to truly connect with your target language and learn it more deeply.

Instructor Training

Instructors assume many roles in a learner’s journey—from trainer and coach to cheerleader and mentor. The growth and success of our teachers is just as important to us as our students; we nurture them so that they can nurture you and your language development.

Gifted Instructors

Instructors who foster a supportive, inspiring learning environment are equally as important as the content of the lessons themselves. We exclusively seek instructors who are positive, respectful and open-minded so that you feel welcome and are comfortable enough to let yourself share and grow alongside them.

Student Files

Our learning file system allows teachers to collaborate with each other (and with you!) on your learning by tracking and recording your progress in detail during and after every class. This guarantees that you always receive a class that is tailored to your abilities and can therefore experience constant improvement.

Progress Reports

Regular progress reports provide a detailed snapshot of where you are in the learning process, the particular challenges that you’re facing and the next steps that you can take in pursuit of your goals.

Academic Counseling

Moving forward often involves receiving deeper insight into your progress and the opportunities ahead. One-on-one sessions with a member of our academic team will help you feel confident about your journey and the places it can take you.

Academic Team

Members of our academic team will keep a watchful eye on your entire journey at EQIP. This team includes an academic coordinator who ensures the quality of all of our programs, a teacher coach who guides and supports our instructors and a student liaison who will monitor your development.

Our PROmise

At E-QIP, our core values—positivity, respectfulness and open-mindedness—shape every aspect of how we run our school. To ensure an experience that is positive, respectful and open-minded, we PROmise that throughout your learning journey, E-QIP and its team of instructors will remain:


Our instructors, administrators and curriculum developers are the best at what they do, and our trademark teaching framework, Kaizen Connect®, enables them to curate and deliver learning experiences that are transformative, effective and infused with joy.

Our professionalism doesn’t stop at the classroom. Whether you’ve undertaken your language learning journey as a workplace requirement or with the intention of shifting into an entirely new role or career, we're dedicated to helping you achieve the transition you’re after.


Our monthly student progress reports, leading-edge teaching framework, Kaizen Connect®—which empowers our students to learn from their own mistakes—and ample opportunities for students to both provide and receive feedback enable us to remain accountable to those whose opinions matter the most: our students. If you’re putting in the work, you will make progress—that’s a guarantee, and the system we’ve put in place ensures that this remains true.


E-QIP is where like-minded growth seekers and global citizens converge to reap the benefits that multilingualism has to offer, and their ambition is what makes motivating our students the easiest part of the job for any E-QIP teacher. In our experience, the best way to foster growth in our students and fuel the passion that already exists within them is through encouragement and support, which we deliver through open lines of communication between students and instructors and our team of helpful, empathetic support staff members.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can our employees progress taking lessons once a week?

Usually lessons once per week are good for maintenance of language at a certain level. This would be the case for a team member with sufficient fluency, but needing to hone their accuracy, and make fewer mistakes. For staff to make noticeable progress, we recommend at least 2 to 3 lessons per week.  

How long does it take an employee to "level up"?

As with all skill development, time on task and student engagement are the main determinants. At 5 lessons per week, we can get your staff member from beginner to intermediate (standard office worker) level in about 6 months. With another 3 months we can get them into the advanced (professional) range. Highly motivated students can make even better gains. 

What if the employee is more introverted?

We have found the best approach is to focus on a wide range of topics and standard structures (grammar) until the learners are at the cusp of being intermediate level. Even then, we generally see the best gains by covering a broad  range of language so students are able to handle various situations.

That said, we do have a business-specific curriculum for intermediate level speakers on your staff. However, in these cases, the employee would benefit most from private (or custom) lessons that target the exact contexts they are facing, like doing presentations, answering sales questions, or running meetings.

Will our employees be able to handle Québécois?

Our teaching roster includes both Quebec natives, and speakers from across the Francophonie. Rotating instructors appropriately - more frequently at higher levels - your employees will be exposed to a range of French accents. Whether every employee will be able to master Québécois pronunciation depends more on their "ear" and natural talent for languages, but they will certainly become attuned to listening to it, and navigating its nuances.

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