BlogLearning Beyond the Classroom: Café Club

Learning Beyond the Classroom: Café Club

Written by E-QIP on April 12, 2018

What better way to get to know new people than than to relax and chat over a hot cup of coffee? There’s something about the cozy atmosphere of a café that lends itself to conversation and connection.

Every month students gather for Café club to enjoy our neighbourhood rich with cafés, specialty tea stores, and patisseries. With their hot drinks and delicious treats in hand, students settle into comfy couches to talk. Often, feeling nervous can become a barrier to speaking with others. But with a cozy atmosphere, kind people, and a delicious drink in hand, conversation flows easily.


We like to think of a café as an informal classroom; a place to learn and practice speaking with other students, teachers, and natives in a casual environment. We believe in the philosophy of “speak don’t study”; and offer students experiences that allow them to absorb cultures and learn beyond the classroom. There are some things that can’t be taught in a traditional classroom, and a café setting provides a perfect opportunity learn colloquial phrases and expressions.

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In casual settings, students are put in situations where they may not have all the words or vocabulary. Giving students the opportunity to communicate in natural, everyday settings allows for candid conversations.

Coffee and tea are often a significant part of life around the world; whether it is a calming cup at night or morning caffeine on the run. There are is no shortage of cafés in Montreal, with everything from Tim Hortons to boutique coffee houses. Café club give students a first-hand experience of Canadian café culture, and is the perfect opportunity to bring students from all walks of life together.E-QIP_cafeclubgroup.jpg

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