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6 Ways to Deal With Culture Shock in a New Country

At E-QIP, we’re proud to welcome students to our Montreal campus from around the world. In just a single group class, it wouldn’t be uncommon to find individuals from Japan, Mexico, France, Syria and South Korea—just a few of the countries our students have called home. Our international and immigrant students’ reasons for coming to […]
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How to Learn a Language Through Immersion

Take a quick peek online, and you’ll find countless language blogs, instructors, schools and influencers espousing the one weird trick that will have you conversing comfortably in your target language in no time at all.  And while certainly we’re in agreement that the right teaching framework will accelerate your progress, we also can’t deny that […]

How to Learn Two Languages at the Same Time

Learning a new language—to the point that you truly feel comfortable using it—can be a huge undertaking. It requires time, patience and dedication, and for many students, a high level of focus.  So it may come as a surprise to learn that our teachers actually encourage students who wish to study two languages at once […]

What Do Anglophones and Allophones in Montreal Need to Know About Bill 96?

If you’re at all familiar with the news coming out of Quebec—or live here yourself—you likely know something about the recently-passed Bill 96, which will put a number of French language reform laws into effect across the province.  While opinions on the controversial laws have been divided, one thing is clear: understanding the changes that […]

Introducing Explore 30 and Connect 15: Immersive Experiences for Students From All Over the World

Are you ready to not only learn English with E-QIP Canada, but truly experience it? E-QIP was built on bringing together language learners from around the globe, and after two plus years of focusing on online learning, we’re excited to once again welcome students to our Montreal campus from near and far.  This Spring, we […]

Why Canada is the Best Country in the World for Learning English

Thinking about travelling to an English-speaking country to learn or practice the language? With dozens of countries counting English as an official or dominant language or lingua franca—from Antigua and Barbuda to Zimbabwe—you may be having trouble deciding which country to choose.  Should you head to the United Kingdom—the birthplace of the language, which boasts […]

The Best Online Language Course is the One that Captivates You from Start to Finish

In your search for the very best online language course, you’ve probably spent a lot of time thinking about things like cost, teaching methods, frequency and flexibility—all crucial aspects of any good class, of course, but far from the only important concerns.  When devising our own online language classes, the question of how to circumvent […]

Introducing Express 4: Our Exciting New Conversation-Focused Group Class

When E-QIP first began offering online group classes last year, our teaching staff knew it would take some time to figure out the very best way to deliver the conversational, student communication-focused courses our students are used to in a virtual format—and now, with the introduction of Express 4, we can confidently say we're there. […]

9 Useful Language Learning Podcasts

More than a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us find ourselves running out of entertainment to fill the hours (who knew it was possible to watch everything on Netflix).  Before turning to extreme measures (like learning a TikTok dance), try checking out some of our favourite language learning podcasts. Language buffs comprise a […]

Romance-related English Vocabulary for Valentine's Day

In honour of Valentine's Day, we’re bringing you romance-related English vocabulary that can be used to address your beloved, describe your relationship or even discuss your breakup.  Valentine’s Day is observed in some way in dozens of countries around the world. What began hundreds of years ago as a day for couples to exchange small […]

What is Kaizen Connect™, anyway?

Understanding our learning framework, Kaizen Connect, and why we’re certain it will get you speaking faster than any traditional classes ever could. If you’ve ever taken a class at E-QIP before, you’re already well familiar with Kaizen Connect™ (whether you’re aware of it or not). It’s simply the name we’ve given to the learning framework […]
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