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A Home Away From Home

Joining us at E-QIP from abroad (or simply outside of Montreal)?
The learning doesn’t stop when your classes end for the day! With E-QIP’s various options for accommodations, students from around the world can immerse themselves in English or French around the clock by moving in with a local family or with fellow learners.

Homestay with a family
Homestay meal plans available
Private room in a shared apartment

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Accommodation Styles


Experience life with a kind, friendly, and caring Canadian family. Your host family can offer local insights about living in Montreal around the kitchen table.  They can provide 1 to 3 meals per day (depending on your preferences).  The homestay option allows anyone coming to us from outside of Montreal to enjoy the safety, security and comfort of living in a private room in a local home.

Private room in a shared apartment

Looking for a bit more independence?  Join other international students in your own Montreal apartment. While this option doesn’t include meals, you will have kitchen and common area access.

Private room at EVO Residence

Aiming for a fun and vibrant lifestyle while studying?  Does a 24hr gym, pool and sauna, private study rooms, laundry room, common kitchen, cafeteria, convenient store, and subway access in the building sound comfortable?  E-QIP Canada has an exclusive partnership with EVO Residence, Montreal's premiere student residence.    

More Than Just a Place to Stay

A worry-free Canadian experience

From the airport pickup to breakfast, lunch and dinner, we’ve got you covered. Pick and choose the features that you want depending on your budget, plans and desired level of independence, including the choice of one, two or three meals per day—prepared by and often shared with your homestay family!

Language learning starts at home

Studies have proven that language immersion is the best way to develop brain processing that echoes that of native speakers. Embrace the language you’re learning by becoming an honorary member of a Canadian family or surrounding yourself with fellow students. Your new family or housemates will help you adjust to the culture while giving you endless opportunities for authentic, “real world” language practice.

A vibrant, multicultural at your doorstep

Montreal isn’t just one of the safest cities in the world for travellers —it’s also Canada’s cultural capital, with enough music, arts and festivals to fill the length of any visit.




Meals per dayno mealsbreakfastbreakfast & dinnerbreakfast, lunch, & dinner
1 week175210280315
4 weeks70084011201260
1 night30354550

17 & under

Meals per daybreakfast & dinnerbreakfast, lunch, & dinner
1 week301336
4 weeks12041344
1 night4853

10% discount per person when 2 people share a bedroom

Private bedroom in shared apartment

1 bedroom 1 person 1 bedroom 2 people
per night 30 40
Services included with a shared apartment:
  • Furnished private bedroom with bed sheets
  • Shared bathroom
  • Shared living room
  • Shared kitchen facilities
  • High speed wireless internet
  • Electricity and heating

EVO Residence

3-11 weeks425/week
12 weeks400/week


  • Minimum 18 years old
  • 3-11 weeks option only available for May, June, July, August
  • Reservation & payment required 30 days before arriving

See EVO website for ALL facilities & services included

Additional services & fees

Accommodation placement fee150
Airport pick-up (optional)120
Airport pick-up & drop off (optional)200
Student Health Insurance (< age 45, min 10 days)3/day
Visitors Health Insurance (age 45-84, min 10 days)8/day

All prices above are in $CAD

Our PROmise

At E-QIP, our core values—positivity, respectfulness and open-mindedness—shape every aspect of how we run our school. To ensure an experience that is positive, respectful and open-minded, we PROmise that throughout your learning journey, E-QIP and its team of instructors will remain:


Our instructors, administrators and curriculum developers are the best at what they do, and our trademark teaching framework, Kaizen Connect®, enables them to curate and deliver learning experiences that are transformative, effective and infused with joy.

Our professionalism doesn’t stop at the classroom. Whether you’ve undertaken your language learning journey as a workplace requirement or with the intention of shifting into an entirely new role or career, we're dedicated to helping you achieve the transition you’re after.


Our monthly student progress reports, leading-edge teaching framework, Kaizen Connect®—which empowers our students to learn from their own mistakes—and ample opportunities for students to both provide and receive feedback enable us to remain accountable to those whose opinions matter the most: our students. If you’re putting in the work, you will make progress—that’s a guarantee, and the system we’ve put in place ensures that this remains true.


E-QIP is where like-minded growth seekers and global citizens converge to reap the benefits that multilingualism has to offer, and their ambition is what makes motivating our students the easiest part of the job for any E-QIP teacher. In our experience, the best way to foster growth in our students and fuel the passion that already exists within them is through encouragement and support, which we deliver through open lines of communication between students and instructors and our team of helpful, empathetic support staff members.

Get Started Easily

Step 1

Send us an email at We’ll get in touch to discuss the availability of rooms and other details.

Step 2

After deciding on the room that’s best for you, we’ll request a deposit.

Step 3

Get ready to begin the adventure of a lifetime!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be fed by my homestay family?

Participating students will be given the option to join their homestay family for one, two or three meals per day, with the price of accommodation adjusted accordingly. Students are expected to buy their own snacks between meals.

Do I have to have to join my homestay family for dinner every night?

We ask all students participating in the program to please let their homestay families know if they won’t be making it home for dinner by the end of the school day at the latest. If you’ll be out past dinnertime but still wish to eat at home, your homestay family can leave dinner out for you to heat up until 9:30 p.m.

Will I have to do my own laundry?

Your homestay family will generally wash your bed linens and towels for you once a week, but you’ll be expected to wash your own clothing. If you prefer, you can choose to wash your bedding and towels yourself.

Will I be expected to help with chores around the house?

Different families will have different standards and expectations, but it’s a great idea to ask! At the very least, it’s important to keep your personal space clean and leave things as tidy as you found them.

Do I have to provide my own toiletries, snacks, etc.?

Yes. Your homestay family will provide your one to three meals per day, as well as things like laundry detergent and cleaning supplies, but everything else is up to you. Some families, of course, may offer to share snacks and other items!

Will I have internet and phone access at home?

Yes; these are requirements of every homestay. If you want to use the phone to make long distances calls, however, you might have to purchase a calling card. Additionally, it’s possible that the internet service in your home may have a monthly usage limitation.

Do I have to pay for my own transportation?

Yes. Student public transit passes can be purchased in Montreal for $54/month, which allows for unlimited access to Montréal buses and trains. E-QIP also offers airport pick up for $120 or pick up and drop off for $200.

Do I have to live with a homestay family?

Students aged 18 and above can either choose to live with a homestay family or rent a single room in a shared house. Those who choose to rent a room will have to purchase and prepare their own food.

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